Self-sufficient and independent.
With off-grid (solar) energy solutions.

We enable people to generate, store and use their own energy.

The problem with going off-grid is obtaining enough energy. Our sustainable systems enable you to be independent. You can enjoy your refrigerator, TV, lighting, telephone and laptop without any worries. We offer the best energy solutions, such as solar panels, batteries and inverters, and install them for you. At we ensure that you always have enough energy.

Ultimatron Lifepo4 batterij 100Ah

Batteries: High power, AGM, Lithium and long lifespan

Batteries for use in your solar energy installation A good solar energy... 

Inverters: Pure sine wave, high peak power, high efficiency.

Inverters: with pure sine wave An inverter converts the direct current battery... 

More than a brand.

At we strive to harness the power of the sun and generate power in an environmentally friendly way using solar panels. Our innovative off-grid solutions allow owners of campers, boats and caravans to take full advantage of the inexhaustible solar energy that meets all their energy needs every day. Our products offer you the freedom to no longer depend on fixed power points, while at the same time contributing to an improved living environment. Discover the freedom of green energy with!

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Other wishes

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