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Solar panel set flexible 100 Watt shingled - ETFE

Solar panel set flexible 100 Watt shingled - ETFE

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Product information

Suitable for

✓ Water pump
✓ LED lighting
✓ Charge phone

Product description

Flexible solar panels are flexible and light, making them ideal for applications where weight is an issue such as a plastic roof on a camper or when the surface is not flat as may be the case on a boat or yacht. This flexible panel has a rhombus pattern, which ensures that even more light falls on the cells, which contributes to the high power. The panels are equipped with 50 centimeter cable with standard solar connectors.

The latest innovation in flexible solar panels

The shingled flexible solar panels are the latest innovation in flexible solar panels. With this type of solar panel, the solar cells are divided into 6 equal parts and placed on top of each other, like roof tiles. Shingled flexible solar panels are 40% less sensitive to micro-cuts, which are small cracks in the solar cells, and are 15-30% more efficient when the panel is partially in the shade. The image below shows the shingled solar panel on the left and the traditional way on the right.

Shingled solar panel versus traditional solar panel

An ETFE top layer that will last for years

It is known that flexible solar panels have a shorter lifespan than glass panels. This is because flexible panels use a plastic layer instead of glass to cover the cells and plastic ages faster than glass. To make the lifespan as long as possible, we opted for a top layer of ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) when designing these panels. This plastic has the longest lifespan of all plastics with the least aging, so you can enjoy your own generated energy for years to come.

Charge controller

This set includes a Victron MPPT charge controller. This smart controller continuously searches for the maximum power point, or the point at which the panel supplies the most power. This easily produces 10 to 30% more energy compared to conventional PWM controllers. This MPPT controller can transmit 220 Watts of solar energy to the battery, which is why a 2nd panel can be connected.

Cable and mounting kit

To complete the set, we supply 5 meters of red and 5 meters of black solar cable, for between the panel and the controller and which can also be used between the controller and the battery. A tube of Sikaflex 252 kit and because it is very flexible, it ensures a longer lifespan of the flexible solar panel. And a connector set to connect the panels to the cable to the controller.

Energy supply

This set is a great addition to your energy supply for your camper, boat or caravan and is easy to install yourself with minimal tools required.

Product specifications

✓ Solar panel dimensions: 1050x520x2mm
✓ Solar panel weight: 2.1kg
✓ Cell type: Monocrystalline
✓ Max wattage (Pmax): 100 Watts
✓ Charge controller: MPPT (suitable for 2 panels)
✓ System voltage: 12 Volts
✓ Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C
✓ Performance guarantee: 2 years 95% and 5 years 85%
✓ Warranty: 2 years

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Customer Reviews

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Marco Veldkamp
Top producten evenals de service

Ik heb een complete set met 2 flexpanelen aangeschaft incl smartshunt, accubeschermer en lader. Had nog wat vragen, maar werd snel en correct geholpen. Installatie werkt super. Erg blij mee.

Rens Haen
Erg mooie set alles zit erbij en werkt geweldig

Het paneel is van hoge kwaliteit en de victron regelaar is de beste in zijn klasse. Het paneel heeft een toplaag van ETFE wat voor een lange levenduur moet zorgen ik ben benieuwd.

snelle levering

Vorige week deze zeer complete set besteld bij v&c trade
Alles keurig netjes optijd geleverd en de kwaliteit van het zonnenpaleeel is prima
Alles wat je nodig hebt zit in dit paket
Dit is zeker een winkel waar ik weer iets zou bestellen! !