Collection: Solar panels flexible: lightweight, walkable and high efficiency

Flexible solar panel

As the name suggests, these are solar panels that are flexible. In other words, they can bend slightly, which makes them suitable for curved surfaces such as on the deck of a boat or on the roof of a camper. In addition, flexible solar panels are very lightweight, which is an advantage when you are close to the weight limit or if you do not want to disrupt the weight balance of your vehicle or vessel too much. The thickness of flexible solar panels, excluding the junction box, is only 3mm thick and therefore hardly adds any height to your vehicle. This is very useful if you are almost at the maximum height for a parking garage, for example.

Flexible solar panel mounting

Mounting flexible solar panels is very easy. You can do this with the Sikaflex mounting kit, which allows you to glue the flexible panel directly to the roof of your camper or to the deck of your boat. If you want to be able to remove the flexible solar panel, we recommend using a double-sided tape such as 3M VHB tape and only sealing the panel all around.

Flexible solar panel connections

We offer two types of flexible solar panels. The first type is the one with a junction box. Here is the cable at the top of the flexible solar panel. This is especially useful on the roof of a boat or on the roof of a regular camper. The second type is flush panels. The connection is located under the panel, this model is most commonly used in campers with a lifting roof or on boats where you have the option to enter the cable directly under the panel.

Solar panels flexible sets

The panels are also available in complete sets. This includes everything you need for a successful installation, such as the flexible solar panel, charge controller, mounting kit, cables and connectors.

Pre workout

Like all solar panels, flexible solar panels have a reduction in power as the cells heat up. Because the flexible solar panel is very compact and is glued directly to a surface, it is less able to dissipate heat. By using more efficient cells with a lower temperature coefficient, this effect is largely canceled out and the yield will be very high.