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Why solar panels on the boat?

Freedom & independence from wall power

With a solar panel system on your boat you are no longer dependent on wall power and, depending on the chosen solar energy system, you can be completely independent or at least extend the time between wall power charging sessions. Who doesn't like floating around for weeks with enough power and without being dependent on wall power.

Lower costs

In addition, a solar energy system is a one-time investment that allows you to generate free electricity for years. You do not have to use expensive electricity from the marina or use it less often, which means you will save considerably on costs.

Good for nature and fellow humans

Generating your own energy is not only great fun, but it is also good for nature and fellow humans. Because you generate your own green energy, we avoid CO2 emissions and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

solar panels on the boat: which ones do I need?

Which solar panel set do I need?

For most users, between 100 and 200 watts peak is sufficient. You will wonder what are the most users. Most users sail on weekends and only when the weather is nice do they go out by boat. They do not do this all year round, but from spring to autumn. The largest consumers in the boat are the (compressor) refrigerator and the inverter. The small consumers are lighting, TV, water pump. On average, captains who only have small consumers can make do with a set that is closer to 100 watts peak. If you have a compressor refrigerator and/or an inverter next to your consumers, you will quickly reach the 200 watt peak. If you have a heavy inverter of 1200 watts or more, or if you cannot identify with the average user, you may need more. We can also provide this, but we will quickly arrive at a tailor-made system. Please contact us, we can advise you perfectly on this.

solar panel flexible vctrade boat

complete solar panel sets put together perfectly matched

All our sets consist of a high-quality solar panel, controller, cables and mounting set. Because we have full control over all parts, we have ensured that everything is perfectly coordinated so that you do not have to worry about that. The solar panels and controller are maintenance-free, so you can simply connect and enjoy. Our best-selling sets are the solar panel set 120 watts , the Victron solar panel set 175 watts and the solar panel set 110 watts flexible .

Glass solar panels or flexible solar panels on your boat

Are you also wondering whether you should go for glass or flexible solar panels? Flexible solar panels have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of flexible solar panels are that they are flexible, lightweight and can be walked on under the right conditions. The disadvantages of flexible solar panels are the high price, they heat up more, and their lifespan is shorter than glass panels. It is therefore good to weigh whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in your case. If this is not the case, it is better to go for glass solar panels.

solar panel boat vctrade

Is my battery suitable for this?

All our sets are equipped with high-quality PWM or MPPT charge controllers. These charge controllers convert the power from the solar panel to the correct voltage and charging current for your battery. Now there are different types of batteries that are suitable for use on your boat. The most commonly used types are semi-traction, AGM, GEL and Lithium (LiFePO4). We only supply charge controllers that are suitable for all these types of batteries. However, it may happen that a certain setting needs to be made to further optimize loading. If in doubt, please contact us, we have a lot of experience with all types of batteries.

Installing a solar panel on the boat.

Easy to install yourself

Our solar panel sets for your boat are easy to install yourself. Because we have put together the sets completely, everything you need to install the solar panel on your boat is included. The tools you need to install the set are of course not included, but rest assured that no special tools are required other than what can be found in the toolbox of every home handyman.

24/7 help available via email, WhatsApp and chat

If you have any questions during the installation, we are available almost 24/7, via email, WhatsApp and the chat function on our website. This way we can get you back on the road quickly. You can also reach us in the same way if you need more information or perhaps a customized set.


  • Solar panels on the boat give freedom, save costs and are green.
  • The 120 watt set and the 175 watt set are the best sellers.
  • Need more weight? We can put together a set for you.
  • The choice of glass solar panels or flexible solar panels depends on whether you want to walk over them, whether the mounting surface is curved and whether there are weight restrictions.
  • In fact, all types of batteries are suitable for charging with solar energy.
  • Installation is easy and safe to do yourself. 24/7 help available

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