Collection: Solar panel battery - high power, AGM, Lithium and long lifespan

Batteries for use in your solar energy installation

A good solar energy installation requires a good battery. The batteries we sell are of the AGM type. This stands for absorbed glass mat technology. This means that the battery acid is enclosed in glass mats. The big advantage of this technology is that AGM batteries are virtually maintenance-free, do not outgas and have very good performance under all conditions. We also have lithium batteries (LiFePO4). These batteries have the advantage that they can be discharged 100%. This is twice as much as AGM batteries, which effectively means that a 100Ah lithium battery has twice as much usable power as an AGM battery. Lithium batteries last more than 2,500 charging cycles, which more than makes up for the price difference compared to other battery types.

Solar panels battery

All our batteries are suitable for charging with solar panels, battery chargers and the dynamo. If you would like a complete set of solar panels on your camper , boat or caravan with a matching battery, please refer to our complete sets page. For more information about various types of batteries, please refer to the next page : solar panels and batteries .