Collection: Inverter/battery charger & automatic switch in 1 handy housing.

Inverter/battery charger & automatic switch in 1 housing.

Almost every electrical off-grid system has a battery charger and inverter as part of the system. The pure sine wave inverter produces a voltage of 230 volts from the battery to power conventional equipment. The battery charger is for when there is a 230 volt supply from, for example, wall power or a generator to charge the battery. To prevent malfunctions and defective equipment, it is necessary to separate the external 230 volts from the wall power or generator from the 230 volts from the inverter. To prevent this, there is the inverter/battery charger & automatic switch in 1 housing. This unit detects whether an external 230 volts is present. If this is the case, the inverter switches off, the battery charger starts and the external 230 volts are passed on inside. As soon as the external 230 volts disappear, the internal inverter takes over seamlessly. The unit is available in 500 watts and 800 watts. If you need a heavier inverter, please contact us.