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Solar panel 20 Watt peak flexible monocrystalline

Solar panel 20 Watt peak flexible monocrystalline

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Flexible solar panel 20 Watt

This flexible solar panel is ideal for your boat or other applications where fixed power is not available. Due to its maximum bending radius of 15° and a thickness of only 3mm, this panel is ideal for curved surfaces such as the deck of a boat or the roof of a camper. When properly installed, this panel is suitable for walking on.

Installation is easy to do yourself with the kit available in our webshop or using the 4 mounting holes in the corners of this panel.

All our flexible solar panels are made of class A high-efficiency American sunpower solar cells. These cells achieve their high efficiency by, among other things, moving the metal contacts from the front to the back and by widening the contacts there is less current loss. This panel is equipped with 0.5 meters of cable and solar connectors.

The flexible panel shown here is provided with a protective film that must be removed after installation.

Specifications flexible solar panel 20 watts:

Dimensions 285x460x4
Weight: 0.55kg
Cell type: monocrystalline
Number of cells: 32 pieces
Max power: 20 watts
Max voltage: 17.60 Volts
Max current (Imp) 0.85 amps
No-load voltage: 20.80 Volts
Short circuit current: 0.92 amps
Max system voltage: 600 Volts
Max bending radius: 15°
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