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Solar panel 120 Watt peak monocrystalline

Solar panel 120 Watt peak monocrystalline

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Product information

Product description

The power of 120 watts peak is astonishing, especially for a panel that only measures 100.5x67cm. This panel delivers a cell efficiency of 20.6%, which means that this panel is in the top segment of the market and due to its small dimensions it fits almost every camper. With an average 4.4% better temperature coefficient, which determines the decrease in power when heated, this panel performs significantly better all year round than most solar panels offered.

All thanks to five busbar technology

The currently best-selling solar panels are often two or three busbar panels. When you look at the structure of a solar cell, it consists of a silicon wafer with busbars and fingers printed on it. The fingers are the horizontal lines that capture the energy (photon) that the cell releases when light falls on it. The bus bars are the vertical lines and these transport the energy to the end of the cell. The shorter the distance from the fingers to the bus bars, the less resistance and the more efficient the cell becomes. The busbars then transport this energy to the next cell. You can see the bus bar as a highway, the more lanes, the more traffic can cross it, in this case the more energy. These improvements give this panel a higher yield.

Now even longer lifespan

Thanks to the five busbar technology, this solar panel has less internal resistance, which ensures that the panel heats up less and is +2% more efficient than the currently common two and three busbar solar panels. Because the distance from the fingers to the busbar has been enormously shortened, these 5 busbar panels are significantly less affected by micro cuts, which means that the lifespan is longer than the usual 25 to 30 years, but more importantly with less power loss during this period.

Product specifications

✓ Dimensions: 1070x590x35mm
✓ Weight: 7.49kg
✓ Cell type: Monocrystalline
✓ Number of cells: 72 cells (4*18)
✓ Max wattage (Pmax): 120 Watts
✓ Max voltage (Vmpp): 18.8 volts
✓ Max current (Imp): 6.39 Ampere
✓ No-load voltage: 22.0 Volt
✓ Short circuit current: 6.70 amps
✓ Max system voltage: 1000 Volt (IEC)
✓ Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
✓ Power guarantee: 10 years 90% + 25 years 80%
✓ Warranty: 2 years

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