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Silentwind wind generator pro 12V including charge controller

Silentwind wind generator pro 12V including charge controller

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Silentwind wind generator pro 12V including charge controller

This small, light (6.8 kg), but powerful (420 Watt) wind generator is distinguished by special properties. The unique patented SPB (Silent Power Blades) carbon rotor blades are very strong, light and above all they ensure that the Silentwind is the quietest windmill on the market.

The Silentwind generator is optimized for all wind speeds and comes complete with charge controller with integrated stop switch. In addition to the wind generator, solar panels can also be connected to the Silentwind charge controller and can be fully operated via Bluetooth with the IOS or Android app. The Silentwind generator has a 3-year warranty.

Wind generator specifications
Application Universal application for low, medium and strong winds
Voltage Nominal voltage 12V
Current Nominal power 420 Watts
Startup low startup, 2.2m/s wind speed
Technology Permanent magnet generator
Design Aerodynamic design 
Housing Powder-coated aluminum housing
Sound Low noise
Blades Hand-laminated, UV-resistant carbon blades, successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122 km/h (5480 rpm, with almost the speed of sound at the blade tips).
External hybrid boost charge controller for wind and solar energy with multifunctional display and integrated electronic/manual stop switch
Maintenance Durable and low-maintenance
Charge controller specifications
System voltage 12VDC
Total capacity Wind and solar energy generation capacity: wind (max. 40A) solar energy (max. 20A)
Maximum input wind generator Max. wind generator power consumption: 600W
Maximum solar panel input Max. solar panel power consumption: 300W
Battery type Voltage adjustable for battery types: Gel, AGM, Acid and Lithium
Display LCD display with all relevant working data: W, A, V, Ah.
Maximum power tracking Wind turbine MPPT point adjustable.
Brake system Integrated electronic brake – load limiter and storm brake.
Tax exit Eight charging output settings
Cable connection screw terminals
Link Bluetooth
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