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Off-grid electrical set complete - Comfort

Off-grid electrical set complete - Comfort

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Product description

Because a complete off-grid electrical system quickly becomes very complex, we have put together a system for you. The system is completely built, configured and tested by us before it is delivered or shipped to you. The system contains all the elements needed to go off-grid, such as a LiFePO4 battery with no less than 4.8 kWh of power. This is more than 50% of the consumption of an average family in a house in the Netherlands, not bad for a garden house, tiny house or log cabin where consumption is considerably lower than in a private house. This battery is charged by 6 solar panels of 300 Watt peak that are connected to a high-quality MPPT controller that also uses smart algorithms to extract 10 to 30% more energy from the panels than conventional charge controllers. A 2000 Watt inverter ensures that you can use your household appliances just like at home. Making a delicious cup of coffee, mixing something or even using a vacuum cleaner are no problem for this heavy, pure sine wave inverter. Because we are dependent on what the sun provides and this is not unlimited, the system also includes a monitor system that keeps track of how much energy you have generated, how full your battery is, how much your inverter uses and how long you can still run on the battery. . This allows you to easily manage energy so that you never unexpectedly have an empty battery.

Contents of the off-grid system

  • Pylontech 48 volt 100Ah LiFePO4 battery (4.8kWh).
  • 6x 300Watt peak monocrystalline solar panels (166x99cm).
  • 6x mounting system for flat or sloping roof.
  • Victron MPPT controller 150/35.
  • Victron pure sine wave inverter 2000 watts.
  • Victron CerboGX plus touchscreen
  • Victron Lynx distribution power distribution box
  • Distribution box EATON with earth leakage circuit breaker/group.
  • All other necessary cables.
  • Technical installation manual.
  • Plug&Play, completely configured and tested before delivery.
  • Contact us for a delivery time
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