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Aluminum solar panel mounting bracket with mounting

Aluminum solar panel mounting bracket with mounting

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Product information

Suitable for

✓ All glass solar panels
✓ All campers including those with ribbed roofs

Product description

Proper mounting of a solar panel is very important. This is easy to do yourself with this complete set of aluminum mounting supports.

  1. Space-saving : Due to the small size, it hardly adds to the dimensions of the solar panel.
  2. Easy installation : Supplied complete with all bolts and screws that make installation simple and quick.
  3. Ribbed roof : Campers with a ribbed roof often do not have enough adhesive surface for other mounting brackets.
  4. Screws : These aluminum supports are screwed, so you can be sure that the solar panel is properly mounted on your camper.
  5. Waterproof : The self-tapping screws come with a seal. However, we recommend that you also glue and seal the supports with Sikaflex 252.

Supplied with the set

✓ 4 aluminum z bracket mounting brackets
✓ 8 self-tapping screws
✓ 4 M8 bolts including nuts

Optionally, you can opt for a roof duct and/or a Bluetooth dongle that is connected to the charge controller. Using the dongle you can read on your phone or tablet how much the solar panel is charging and how full the battery is.

Product specifications

✓ Dimensions: 100x63x42mm
✓ Weight: 0.3kg
✓ Mounting height: 27mm (excluding solar panel thickness)
✓ Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
✓ Warranty: 2 years

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