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Charge controller Bluesolar MPPT 100-30 - Victron energy

Charge controller Bluesolar MPPT 100-30 - Victron energy

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Product information

Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Especially when it is cloudy and the light intensity is constantly changing, an ultra-fast MPPT controller improves energy yield by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

Tax output

Overdischarge of the battery can be prevented by connecting all loads to the load output. The load output disconnects the load when the battery is discharged to a preset voltage. An intelligent battery management algorithm can also be selected: see BatteryLife. The load output is short-circuit proof. Some loads (especially inverters) are best connected directly to the battery, and the inverter remote control to the load output. You may need a special interface cable. See the manual for this.

BatteryLife: intelligent battery management

When a solar charge controller cannot charge the battery back to top condition in one day, the result is often that the battery constantly fluctuates between "partially charged" and "fully discharged". This method (not regularly fully recharging the battery) completely destroys a lead-acid battery in a matter of weeks or months. The BatteryLife algorithm monitors the battery's state of charge and, if necessary, increases the load disconnection level day by day (i.e. disconnects the load sooner) until the energy obtained from a solar panel is sufficient to recharge the battery to almost the full 100%. From then on, the load disconnect level is modulated so that the battery is charged to almost 100% approximately once a week.

Electronics cast in resin

Protects the electronic components from the environment

Automatic recognition of the battery voltage

The MPPT 100/30 automatically adapts to a 12V or 24V system.

Product specifications

✓ System voltage: 12/24 Volt
✓ Nominal charging current: 30A
✓ Nominal PV power: 12V/440W, 24V/880W
✓ Maximum PV no-load voltage: 100V
✓ Communication: VE-Direct
✓ Dimensions:; 130x186x70mm
✓ Weight:; 1.3kg
✓ Operating temperature:; -30 to +60°C
✓ Warranty:; 5 years

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Andor Molnar

Super service. We hadden een verkeerde configuratie gekozen en kregen een berichtje of dat het niet klopte na overleg eea aangepast

Romke Honig
Perfecte regelaar

de Regelaar circa 3 weken geleden aangeschaft en meteen geïnstalleerd. Werkt perfect en zonder klachten. De bestelling werdt netjes verpakt de volgende dag al geleverd.
Romke Honig - De Meern